Award BIOS
1 short: the system start normally. Congratulations, your machine without any problem.
2 Short: General error, please enter the CMOS Setup, reset the incorrect option.
1 long 1 short: RAM or motherboard error. Memory for a try, if it does not work, had to replace the motherboard.
1 long 2 short: Monitor or display card error.
1 long 3 short: Keyboard controller error. Check the motherboard.
1 long 9 short: board Flash RAM or EPROM error, BIOS is damaged. For Block Flash RAM to try.
Continuous ring (long sound): memory is not inserted tight or damaged. Re-insert memory, if does not work, only the
Replacement of a memory.
Kept sound: power, monitor and display card is not connected. Check all the plugs.
Repeat a short sound: power supply problems.
No sound no display: power problems.
1 short: Memory refresh failure. Replace the memory.
2 short: ECC memory errors than testing. In the CMOS Setup will check the options of memory located on the ECC
For the Disabled can be resolved, but the most fundamental solution is to replace a memory.
3 Short: The system of basic memory (the first one 64kB) check to fail. For the memory.
4 Short: The system clock error.
5 short: the central processing unit (CPU) error.
6 short: keyboard controller error.
7 Short: System real-mode error, can not switch to protected mode.
8 short: Display memory error. Display memory problems, the replacement card to try.
9 short: ROM BIOS tests and errors.
1 long 3 short: memory errors. The memory is damaged, replacement can be.
1 long 8 short: Display test error. Monitor data cable not plugged in or the graphics card not inserted firmly.
Phoenix BIOS
1 short: System boot to normal
1 short 1 short 1 short: System plus-point failed to initialize
1 Short 1 Short 2 Short: Motherboard error
1 Short 1 Short 3 Short: CMOS or battery failure
A short a short-4 short: ROM BIOS checksum error
A short-2 short-1 short: System Clock Error
1 Short 2 Short 2 Short: DMA initialization failure
1 Short 2 Short 3 Short: DMA page register error
A short-3 short-1 short: RAM refresh error
1 Short 2 Short 3 Short: Basic memory errors
A short-3 short-3 short: Base Memory Error
A short-short-1 short-4: Basic memory address line error
1 Short 2 Short 4 Short: Basic Memory Checksum Error
1 Short 3 Short 4 Short: EKSA Timing Error
1 short-4 short-4 short: ELSA NMI error
2 short-1 short-1 short: The former 64KB base memory errors
3 short-1 short-1 short: From DMA register error
3 short-1 short-2 short: the main DMA register error
3 short-1 short-3 short: the main interrupt register error
3 short-1 short-4 short: from the interrupt register error
3 short-2 short-4 short: Keyboard Controller Error
3 Short 3 Short 4 Short: Display memory error
Short 2 Short 3 Short 4: Display Error
3 Short 3 Short 4 Short: No findings indicate that read-only memory
Short 1 Short 2 Short 4: Clock Error
Short 2 Short 2 Short 4: Shut Down Error
4 Short 2 Short 3 Short: A20 gate error
4 Short 2 Short 4 Short: protected mode interrupt error
4 short-3 short-1 short: Memory Error
4 short-3 short-3 short: clock 2 Error
4 Short 3 Short 4 Short: Clock Error
4 Short 4 Short 1 Short: serial port error
Short 2 Short 4 Short 4: Parallel Port Error
4 Short 4 Short 3 Short: numeric co processor error