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IBM Lenovo fan error

Lenovo fan error is very common with Lenovo T60, T61, T400, and T410. The Fan error is cause due to the fan got stuck and unable to spin causing system to produce the fan error and fail to boot. How to fix when the Fan not spinning and giving fan error. Blow the fan with […]

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Lenovo T410 LCD screen issue.

Blank screen with backlight on. Laptop powers on just fine but nothing shows up on the LCD screen.  Backlight is on as you can see in the picture. Connected the laptop with an external monitor and that works fine.  Able to see image on external monitor. Replaced Laptop LCD screen with new LCD screen and issue is now resolved.

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Keyboard replacement on Lenovo T410

Stuck key error. Confirmed no key is in fact stuck. Keyboard needs to be replaced. Here we have the replacement keyboard ready.

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How to test laptop hard drive

Laptop boots pass the logo screen onto a blinking cursor. This can also occur if the master boot record is corrupted. Test the drive first before fixing the MBR.

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Yellow USB port

The yellow USB port is a always on USB port. It supplies power even when the laptop is in sleep mode or off.

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Fn Key On Lenovo Laptops.

For those who prefer to have Ctrl in the location of the Fn key, there is a function in the BIOS to swap these keys.

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Lenovo T410 Common Replaceable Parts.

DVD Drive Lock switch and release switch. Move lock switch to unlock and use the release switch to eject the DVD drive.

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Lenovo T410 -Common ports

Always on USB: on even when laptop is in sleep mode. Lock hole: Cau be used with a laptop lock to secure your laptop. Wireless switch: Switch the wireless on/off. eSATA: Connect to SATA devices externally. Headphone jack: Listen to music with your headphone. VGA: Standard video port for most monitors. Ethernet: Connects to your […]

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