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Laptop Repair – How to Repair Laptop.

Laptop Repair Guide. Learn how to repair Laptop computers.  How to replace laptop LCD screen, Laptop Keyboard, and all other major comonents inside a laptop.  Here you will find guides for DIY Laptop Repair.  Laptop repair is not as complicated as it seems. If you are new to fixing laptop computer, our guides provide you with step by step […]

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Lenovo T410 Common Replaceable Parts.

DVD Drive Lock switch and release switch. Move lock switch to unlock and use the release switch to eject the DVD drive.

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Lenovo T410 -Common ports

Always on USB: on even when laptop is in sleep mode. Lock hole: Cau be used with a laptop lock to secure your laptop. Wireless switch: Switch the wireless on/off. eSATA: Connect to SATA devices externally. Headphone jack: Listen to music with your headphone. VGA: Standard video port for most monitors. Ethernet: Connects to your […]

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