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How to fix a broken LCD inverter.

Warning! Working on laptop LCD inverters could be very dangerous. Make sure you disconnect the power source before doing anything to it. Don’t alway have to replace the LCD inverter when you have a mulfunction LCD inverter. There’s something you can try first before replacing it.  A lot of the time the laptop LCD inverter stop working it’s because of […]

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How to replace Laptop LCD panel

You can use this guide to replace a laptop LCD panel, LCD cable or LCD inverter. How to troubleshoot laptop LCD inverter, backlight or replace the laptop LCD screen. Remove six screws under the rubber bumpers.

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Easiest way to test the LCD inverter.

The easiest way to test the LCD inverter is to test it with a known good backlight.  In this case I tested the inverter on a HP dv6000 with a known good backlight from an older Dell Latitude C600.  The test backlight did light up so I know the inverter is working.  If the backlight does […]

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