Stuck key error. Confirmed no key is in fact stuck. Keyboard needs to be replaced.

Here we have the replacement keyboard ready.

Repalcement keyboard unpacked.

Unplug the power and remove the battery.

Unscrew the the retaining screw and remove the memory cover.

Remove the keyboard screw.

The keyboard is tucked under the palmrest. Push the screen all the way down then push the keyboard upward to release it.

Tabs are out of the palmrest.

Lift up the keyboard and pull forward to remove it.

Disconnect the connector from the motherboard.

Keyboard removed.

Connect the new keyboard.

Insert the top edge of the keyboard at an 45 degree angle.

Press down and make sure all tabs at the bottom are below the palmrest.

Pull keyboard forward.

Make sure all tabs are tucked under the palmrest.

Put keyboard screw and memory cover back.