Can I upgrade the hardware in my notebook or netbook?

It is possible to upgrade the memory and hard disk drive in most notebooks and netbooks. Unlike desktop computers, most internal components of notebooks and netbooks are integrated into the systemboard and are not easily upgradeable.

Why won’t my notebook power on without the AC adapter plugged in?

If the notebook will not power on without the AC adapter plugged in to it one of the following issues could be the cause:

  • The battery is not charged, or the battery is defective
  • The battery charging system on the notebook is defective and not charging the notebook’s battery


What do I do if the notebook and AC adapter are getting too hot?

It is normal for an AC adapter or computer to run from warm to hot but should never be too hot to touch. If the adapter is hot enough to burn skin or feel uncomfortable, stop using it and get a replacement ASAP.

Why does my computer beep?

During the boot routine of the computer when the system encounters an error that cannot be reported on the monitor, the system may emit a series of beeps.  This may indicate a hardware malfunction.  Single beep is normal.