Top 10 most common laptop problems.

1. Laptop won’t power on at all.

2. Laptop runs hot, fan runs on high speed.

3. Laptop freezes and shuts down after running for a few minutes.

4. Laptop powers on but screen is blank.

5. Laptop LCD screen cracked.

6. Laptop LCD hinges are loose.

7. Laptop shorting out power AC adapter.

8. Laptop hard drive gone bad.

9. Laptop memory module gone bad.

10. Laptop memory slot gone bad(bad connection).

Other common issues:

Laptop keyboard issue: Some of the keys on keyboard no longer work.
Keys popping out of the keyboard.
keybaord is typing out wrong character.

Liquid spill, water, soda, or coffee.

Laptop won’t run on battery only.
Battery won’t hold a charge.
Mouse cursor drifting to the side on its own.
Fan error