HP DV2000 DC connector.

DC jack on HP DV series is not part of the motherboard. The jack is connected to the motherboard via cables.  Replacing the jack on the model does not require soldering. 
This video will show you how to remove and reinstall the DC connector.

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Symptoms and Affected Models

Symptom Computer Models Covered
Distorted or scrambled video on the notebook computer screen All
No video on the notebook computer screen even when the notebook computer is on All
Random characters, lines or garbled images on the notebook computer screen Dell, Hewlett-Packard
Intermittent video issues Dell, Hewlett-Packard
lure to detect the wireless adaptororFailure to detect the wireless network Hewlett-Packard systems only.
Certain versions of the following HP models
do not contain an NVIDIA MCP:

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Nvidia GUP litigation

Nvidia GPU litigation

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Acer 5100 power on but no display.

Acer 5100 powers on but no display on screen either LCD or external monitor. POST beep code 1 short, two short beeps tells me that there’s a problem with the video card.
Since the video is integrated onto the motherboard I’ll attemp a reflow and see if that will bring it back to life.

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All Day Battery Life

Smart PC Power & Performance Management
The new laptops incorporate self-aware and adaptive technologies to sense where power is needed most to ensure priority components receive power for improved overall performance and battery life. Intel® Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 dynamically increases processor speed during performance intensive tasks such as video editing, data analysis and 3D applications. Lenovo Turbo Boost+ enables the laptops to stay in Turbo Boost even longer by keeping processor temperatures below required thermal limits. With reduced power to non-essential hardware, the laptops achieve up to 30 percent longer battery life while playing multimedia so users can watch DVDs, listen to MP3s or stream web content longer.

All-Day Battery Life
With its standard 9-cell battery, the ThinkPad T420 delivers up to 15 hours of battery life, while the T420s, delivers up to 10 hours with its 6-cell and optional optical bay battery combined. For extreme battery life needs, the ThinkPad T420, with its standard 9-cell battery and optional 9-cell slice battery, provides up to 30 hours of computing power. As the first business class laptops to feature NVIDIA® Optimus™ automatic graphic switching technology, T Series and W Series laptops provide 33 percent better battery performance over previous discrete graphics models.

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Dell Inspiron E1705 1501 6000 1000 No Power Won’t Charge

Common problem with these models. Check the FL1 filter first. It tent to lose contact over time.

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Acer 3100 5100 error 200


Acer Aspire does not recognize the hard drive. 

Most common error message: Error 200

This problem is cuase by cold solder joints.

Try apply pressur on the chips in the picture and see if you can boot to the hard drive.  Try one chip at a time so you know which one is causing the problem. 

Note: Same symptom can be caused by one of the chip on the reverse side of the motherboard underneath the wireless card. It looks like a blue circle with a silver center . The component became separated from the board.  Try apply pressure to it and see if the system recognizes the drive.

Other known issue with SouthBridge chip. Try reflow.

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Reflow tips

Put kapton tape on top of the GPU to prevent it from popcorning.
Place metal foil tape around the GPU to protect the surrounding components.
Use a few drops rosin no-clean liquid flux around the GPU.
remove any epoxy holding the GPU. This will allow the GPU to level itself during the reflow process.
The whole process shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes.

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Laptop unexpectedly goes into Sleep mode while you are using it

If your laptop unexpectedly goes into Sleep mode while you are using it but the battery charge is not low, you may need to recalibrate your battery. You should also recalibrate the battery periodically to maintain the accuracy of the battery gauge.

Follow these steps to recalibrate the battery.

  1. Connect your computer to AC power and let the battery charge completely.
  2. Disconnect the AC power and restart your computer.
  3. Completely discharge the battery.
  4. After the battery is completely drained, reconnect your computer to AC power.
  5. Charge the battery completely until the battery status indicator indicates that the charging has completed.

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No Battery is Detected

Notebook batteries are rated to last about 400 cycles, which typically means one year of standard use. However, I have seen them last longer. The precise amount of time you get out of a battery is dependent upon the usage & environmental factors.

If the BIOS is not detecting the battery the problem is either with the battery itself or the battery bay/motherboard on the system. If you have access to another system (same type) I would recommend swapping out batteries to rule out possibilities and also to see if the BIOS will detect it.

Try uninstalling Microsoft APCI-Compliant Control then reboot your system.

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