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Dell D630c LCD Screen Testing

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The AC power adapter type cannot be determined

When booting up you Dell laptop you received the message “The AC power adapter type cannot be determined”.  System will function as normal but it won’t charge the battery. This usually happens. 1. When the center pin connection is broken. The center pin on the AC adapter connector is an identification wire connected to an […]

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Dell D430 disassembly.

The Dell™ Latitude™ D430 laptop is an ideal lightweight solution for business users who travel frequently. This “road warrior” laptop enhances the previous-generation Latitude D420 with a memory boost (minimum 1GB of onboard memory), a bright WXGA panel and new levels of choice and customization. Dell D430 Battery self test shows fully charged. All lights […]

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Dell D630c Disassembly Guide

How to take apart a Dell D630c laptop step by step. How to replace a motherboard on a Dell D630c.       Dell D630 with faulty video processor. Shows duplicate image.

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Dell Latitude D630 won’t power on.

  Here’s a simple trick you can try if your computer won’t power on at all.  No sign of life when the power button is pressed.  Have this Dell Latitude D630 that has been work fine with no issues what so ever.  But today when try to turn it on none of the lights will come on, it’s like […]

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Dell laptop turns adapter LED off

Very common with dell computers. 1. Check the caps for short around the power area and the vga area just check for cap shortages around there.  Other component can alos be shorted out because of bad caps. 2. Check MOSFETs near power in area for short/open. Note: Check FL1 filter for cold joint if just no power but not […]

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Dell BIOS Download.

You can download most of the Dell BIOS here.  These are older versions.  You can get the lastest version if you go to Dell’s support site. Download

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Dell D630c Video Issue

Video issue caused by bad GPU. GPU reflow will correct this issue.

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How to download Dell drivers

Click on Image to view video.

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Running Dell Battery Recalibration in the BIOS

Restart the system.Click [Start] | Shutdown | Restart or click [Start] | Turn Off Computer | Restart. When your screen comes on look for a message on the screen that says Press F2 to enter Setup. Tap [F2] repeatedly until you see the BIOS screen. If your computer boots to Windows, repeat this procedure again […]

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