The Dell™ Latitude™ D430 laptop is an ideal lightweight solution for business users who travel frequently. This

“road warrior” laptop enhances the previous-generation Latitude D420 with a memory boost (minimum 1GB of onboard

memory), a bright WXGA panel and new levels of choice and customization.

Dell D430

Battery self test shows fully charged. All lights came on when test button is pressed.

Battery and AC adapter both connected. No sign of life. Pressing the power button does not show any power at all.

Unplug the AC adapter and remove the battery.

The hard drive has been removed. This one uses a hard drive that has a ZIP connector. The hard drive cable still attached. Loosen the memory cover screws.

Remove the memory cover. As you can see the screws don’t come of the cover.

Remove the 4 screws securing the LCD screen.

Disconnect the wireless wires.

Remove the hinge cover.

Slowly work your way across.

You can now easily lift it off.

Remove the 3 keyboard screws.

You can lift up the keyboard once the screws are removed.

Remove the keyboard cables. The smaller one is connected to the litter pointer in the middle of the keyboard.

Use a small screwdriver to unlock the connector then remove the cable.

Keyboard removed.

Remove the screw for the place holder.

Place holder for bluetooth.

Disconnect the LCD cable connector from the motherboard.

Remove the tapes and pull the wireless cables through.

All cables connected to LCD display disconnected.

Remove LCD screen from base.

Remove palm rest screws.

Remove screws at the bottom.

Remove hard drive bracket.

Disconnect hard drive cable.

Disconnect the speaker connector.

Lift the plastic bar on the touchpad connector to release the cable.

Disconnect the touchpad cable.

Disconnect the LED board connector.

Lift the plastic bar and disconnect the cable for the Secure Digital/SIM card reader.

Palm rest removed. Looking at the board you can see there is liquid damage.

Here a close up on the damaged area.

Start with cleaning the area with a toothbrush.

Looks like it damaged on of the pin on the IC chip.

Close up of the IC chip. One of the leg is missing. Will have to replace the chip.

Hard to read the samll print on the IC chip. Use a flashlight and set your camera to Macro to take a close up picture

Remove the screws securing the motherboard.

Disconnect the power button connector.

You can now lift up the motherboard from the right to 35 degree angle then pull it out of the base.

Disconnect the PC slot connector, Wireless card, and memory if necessary.